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Lubricant Additive Package Supplier


Gear Oil, ATF & Hydraulic Lubricant Additive Package Supplier

BRB International manufactures lubricant additive packages for:

Automotive Driveline Off Road Industrial Brad-Chem Ltd is the UK distributor for the BRB International Lubricant Additive Package range. In addition to the additive packages, we also distribute the BRB Viscotech range of viscosity index (VI) improvers. Furthermore, we provide unrivalled quality of service, technical support, and continuity of supply in a challenging trade environment.

Under the BRB International Petrol ad brand, we supply automotive gear oil packages for GL-4 and GL-5 performance as well as various Industrial performances and OEM specs. Similarly, for automatic transmission, we offer a multi-purpose ATF package suitable for DEX III. Other automotive and transmission lubricant additive packages include engine oils, and off-road packages UTTO and STOU.

For industrial applications, we offer Petrol ad 1846, a low treat rate ashless hydraulic and compressor lubricant additive package. Moreover, we maintain continual growth in the demand for cleaner, zinc-free, ashless alternatives.

Viscosity Index Improves

We distribute OCP, styrenic and styrenic star copolymer viscosity modifiers from BRB International’s Viscotech range to the UK market. Furthermore, BRB have developed their Viscotech range with a combination of technical advantages from the outset. For Instance, BRB selects olefin copolymers (OCP) with chain structures that minimize nano-scale interchain wax microscopic crystal domain formation. This, in turn, prevents adverse affects on cold cranking. Additionally, BRB produce Viscotech liquid OCP VI improvers formulated using only Group II base oil.

Conversely, many competitor liquid OCP products use group I. For multigrade engine oils, where stringent performance requirements apply, we supply high quality styrenic, VI improves, and styrenic star copolymer grades. Moreover, we offer liquid products in group II, group III and PAO base oils. The BRB Viscotech OCP, styrenic, and star polymers afford multiple formulation options depending on whether you prioritize shear stability or thickening efficiency.

Unrivalled continuity of Supply

Brad-Chem holds significant stock of Petrol ad Lubricant Additive Packages and Viscotech VI improvers, locally, in the UK. Additionally, we work with you to determine accurate forecasts and ensure that we have material available to cover. Consequently, we offer unrivalled continuity of supply. Enquire here for technical support and further information on the BRB International products.