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New Solid Lubricant Dispersions


Graphite and Molybdenum Disulphide Dispersions

Brad-Chem Ltd is continually innovating and one of our main areas of expertise is in solid lubricant dispersions. We can offer a wide range of graphite dispersions, molybdenum disulphide dispersions and also some mixed dispersions containing both lamellar solid types. Applications for solid lubricant dispersions Solid lubricant dispersions form a low friction coefficient solid layer on surfaces, which gives boundary lubrication in extreme pressure situations such that the layer will continue to lubricate even when there is no liquid lubricant between the surfaces of the moving parts.

This boundary lubrication is important in high temperature applications such as metal forging and forming, where the oil or water component of the dispersion can either burn off or evaporates during the processing. Solid lubricant dispersions are also used in high temperature chain lubrication where the temperature may be too high for conventional mineral oil type lubricants. Sometimes the solid lubricant can be applied using a water- or volatile solvent-based dispersion, which evaporates leaving the solid bound to the chain or other surface type; this is called dry film lubrication. Dry film lubricants can be applied by dipping, brushing, or spraying and they are often aerosolised.

Concentrated dispersions of solid lubricants in oil or synthetic oil types are useful for adding solid lubricants to industrial or automotive lubricants to improve the extreme pressure performance for speciality applications. The small particle sizes and the presence of appropriate dispersing agents help to ensure that the resulting oils remain stable. Some aerospace lubrication applications have to work in a vacuum or in a thin atmosphere in which a conventional lubricant would simply evaporate away; these applications require molybdenum disulphide as the solid dry film lubricant. Unlike graphite, which needs adsorbed water molecules to enable the layers or lamellae to slide past each other, molybdenum disulphide is an inherent lubricant and can lubricate without adsorbed water molecules.

Innovation in solid lubricant dispersion at Brad-Chem, our in-house technical department are continually developing new and innovative products in the areas of corrosion control, lubricant additives and solid lubricant dispersions. We work with customers to solve problems and to unlock new applications. For more information on our solid lubricant dispersions please see our knowledge base or contact us.