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Nyco Esters New Developments


Sustainable Nyco Green Esters

Nyco’s Green range is a selection of synthetic esters and finished lubricants that are able to fulfil the requirements of environment labels. Indeed, many of these products are listed on the LuSC list. LuSC listing means that they are suitable for use in Ecolabel products and marine lubricants that conform to the United States EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) requirements. High levels of renewable carbon and biodegradability are both very important goals.

Nyco are committed to sustainability and believe that renewable carbon from crops should be responsibly sourced. This means that the renewable carbon components are not produced at the expense of biodiversity, important ecosystems, or excessive use of land that could otherwise be used to produce food. Nyco vet their raw materials streams to ensure that renewable carbon components are responsibly sourced from certified sustainable sources.

Additionally, Nyco have recently developed a new analogous range of synthetic esters that are biodegradable but without the high levels of renewable carbon required for environmental labels. Due to the limited supply of sustainably sourced renewable carbon components, esters made with such components can be costly. So, in applications where the demand is only for a high level of biodegradability, Nyco can supply more cost effective alternatives. FOOD GRADE NYCO ESTERSNyco offer a range of products for lubricant applications with incidental food contact.

The range of Nycobase esters that are NSF approved for incidental food contact (H1) has recently increased. This includes the addition of a new high temperature stable food grade ester Nycobase 32506 FG. Low pour point and highly biodegradable and high renewable carbon food grade esters have also been added. A newly developed, readily biodegradable food grade ester, Nycobase 30409 FG has been developed.

This new product benefits from a low pour point, high flash point and good lubricity. The growing range allows for multiple formulary options. There is also a very high viscosity food grade ester suitable for food grade grease manufacture. See our Nyco principals page or contact us for further information.